Kane Removes His Mask and show His Burning face

Mark Castillo
This is the reason why Kane is nothing but a laughing matter now...he could 
have gone down as one of the greatest but now he will be mostly remembered 
as a ridicule 
Burning face? His face is actively on fire? 
Punished Snake
Like how the ref sells that kick for 15 minutes
Karan Riar
from the guy that used to rise up within 5 seconds from a tombstone 
piledriver delivered by the undertaker to the guy that barely walks today 
and is unable to defeat bryan,cena,bray wyatt,wwe has made the mess of this 
man's image,i think he should retire today as office kane with some dignity 
or after some years hes gonna be the bodyguard of stephanie mcmahon
one of the worst decisions by wwe 
mohd rami
Guys I know it's easy 
But let me just explain it to the kids 
Wrestling is staged I mean every thing and every single move is planned 
before it does happen
Punches are fake but the slams are real and ground is softer obviously so 
it makes it less dangerous 
I do watch. It as a movie or tv show and it does entertain me even though I 
know it's just acting 
So just enjoy the show and for the haters go watch another stuff and stop 
More proof that wrestling is fake. Well at least wwe is.
Hassan Khan
Worst day in wrestling history when he took that mask off
my question is "wtf is RVD doing in there?" yeah, evolution had a match 
with him, but next thing you know, RVD is the one sitting in the ring for 
no reason? am i missing something?
Shahroze Shah
100th Dislike 
The worse thing that ever happened to Kane's character. 
because the scars were all psychological, I suppose....
Tim Lineberry
Wtf is up with the way the video looks at the part where we see his face, 
Incorrect. It was June 23, 2003. I was there.
Samalama Sideman
oh shit my birthday
Callum Lang
He could of been the greatest superstar in www/wwe history if he carried on 
like that
WWE totally screwed this up, his face wasn't even burnt, I mean c'mon, get 
onto make-up/SFX and do a good job. Kane was only a great character for the 
first 2 years then they really messed him up, and NOW, OMFG, talk about 
pathetic !!! 'corporate kane' who get's thrown around the ring by 5'8 200lb 
Daniel Bryan. ROFL
Praveen Pandey
Imao his face looks like my principal xD
1:39 its the zombieman sounds from doom
Xavier hernandez
End of me watching wrestling again 
And thus Kane became ruined
Jacob Smith Jr.
That hairline tho
Animated Birdy
Before Kane took of the mask...RVD"OOH let's see what u look like" after 
Kane removes his mask RVD"HOLY SHIT RUN!!"
its not burning its his makeup he puts around his eyes to make them look 
Samuel Cardoza
Is that Sting...?
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