Hassan Khan
Worst day in wrestling history when he took that mask off
Ahmed Alhelabi
he was my favorite wrestler back then
Sadly wwe ruined chis character
Burning face? His face is actively on fire? 
The date is wrong.  It happened on June 23rd
I'm impressed they discovered Photobooth :)
Just so you know, the marks on his face were kinda just a burnt black, not 
Danthony Thomas
Jim Ross is better than Michael Cole .
Abdulla Alshehhi
This video is edited the actual video kane face was brown not red
The FNaF Brothers
Did Bigfoot and Freddy Fazbear give birth?
Momma's Muffins
my question is "wtf is RVD doing in there?" yeah, evolution had a match 
with him, but next thing you know, RVD is the one sitting in the ring for 
no reason? am i missing something?
Can The Burning Face is A Demon hes working with  Lucifer a.k.a Satan
Joshua Vargason
The next week, those marks were gone.
The worse thing that ever happened to Kane's character. 
ben H
RVD was probably high there, so it made it even more trippy for him.
Once the mask is off you can't put it back on again.... ahh forget that.. 
put the mask back on Kane!
Praveen Pandey
Imao his face looks like my principal xD
Loved the "oh shit!" look on RVD's face when Kane took the mask off XD
Karan Riar
from the guy that used to rise up within 5 seconds from a tombstone 
piledriver delivered by the undertaker to the guy that barely walks today 
and is unable to defeat bryan,cena,bray wyatt,wwe has made the mess of this 
man's image,i think he should retire today as office kane with some dignity 
or after some years hes gonna be the bodyguard of stephanie mcmahon
Karen Evans
WWE totally screwed this up, his face wasn't even burnt, I mean c'mon, get 
onto make-up/SFX and do a good job. Kane was only a great character for the 
first 2 years then they really messed him up, and NOW, OMFG, talk about 
pathetic !!! 'corporate kane' who get's thrown around the ring by 5'8 200lb 
Daniel Bryan. ROFL
Ray Harrison III
That's was fake because the face was swirling around
Samalama Sideman
oh shit my birthday
Boyfriend_Exo Bestfriend_ExoL
HE's Creepy !!! 
Adam Dinnin
The day thay killed Kane 
Karen Evans